Two-tone ska from Denver Colorado. Covering songs from Hank Williams and other classic country artists. Taking influence from The Slackers, The Aggrolites, The Specials, and Choking Victim. 


Forming in Denver in 2021, Skank Williams takes their love of both ska and country to combine it into a unique sound. Straight forward up beats mixed with honky tonk solos and weeping country voices. Lead vocalist and keyboardist Ryan Leavelle brings his love of The Slackers and John Prine to all aspects of the music. The band is filled out with his brother, Bryan Leavelle, on drums and perfect blood harmonies, Chris Depew on guitar and filling out the three part vocal harmony, and Bill Collins on bass guitar. 


Skank Williams is regularly releasing music every few months and show no sign of slowing down. They have already played with Denver's biggest and best ska bands including Potato Pirates and The Dendrites, and have also opened for the likes of The Toasters and The Suicide Machines.